If your organisation is embracing the cloud, you need cloud visibility and automated compliance to enable security removing human error and restoring business agility.

Compared to traditional security solutions, security for today’s public cloud is fundamentally different - with multiple platforms, dev ops practices and entirely new attack surfaces, a simple change to a policy can have a detrimental impact.

Join our 30-minute webinar + 15-min live Q&A to learn how CloudGuard Dome9 can empower enterprises to easily manage the security and compliance of their public cloud environments at any scale across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

activereach will provide their experience in deploying the most feature rich cloud visibility and compliance tool for the public cloud, focusing on a number of client case studies.

In this webinar you will learn:

- How to gain immediate visibility, intelligence and control over your cloud estate.

- How to enforce gold standards and automate continuous compliance to meet regulatory requirements using the CloudGuard Dome9 Compliance Engine, such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR etc.

- How activereach's enterprise customers have deployed CloudGuard Dome9 to overcome challenges associated with securing multi-cloud environments.

Join our webinar

Join our webinar to learn how CloudGuard Dome9 can empower security and dev ops teams to secure and manage multi-cloud environments, reducing the complexity of cloud security and compliance with a solution that's built for the cloud. The team at activereach will provide their experience in delivering Cloudguard Dome9 for public cloud, helping businesses achieve faster cloud security operations, pain-free compliance, and rugged DevOps practices.

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About the speakers

Richard Flanders

NEMEA Sales Manager for Cloud Security Solutions at Checkpoint Software

Richard has spent over 30 years in the IT business and has worked for a variety of well-known organisations in that time, including CheckPoint, VMware and Fujitsu. He is well-known in the industry for being a thought-leader and a speaker who challenges preconceptions around emergent technologies. He is currently building a whole new business for Checkpoint based on protecting public and private cloud infrastructures.

Raza Rizvi

Co-founder and Technical Director of activereach

Raza Rizvi is co-founder and Technical Director of activereach, a leading IT networking and cloud security consulting company. Widely respected for his technical expertise, Raza built his reputation working as Technical and Operations Director at REDNET.

Raza has also held senior positions in Centrica and The Carphone Warehouse, where he assumed responsibility for Internet service provision and technical data services respectively. In 2002 he was appointed Non-Executive Director of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), the world’s largest Internet Exchange, overseeing and advising on the development of the Exchange’s product portfolio. He served for 10 years, standing down in May 2012.


Continuous Compliance and Governance for Public Cloud Workloads

Read how CloudGuard Dome9 offers continuous compliance and governance for public cloud workloads including HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, NIST 800-53 / FedRAMP, and ISO 27001 security frameworks.


Privileged Identity Protection With Cloudguard Dome9

Discover how CloudGuard Dome9 provides an additional layer of defense on top of native IAM to provide better visibility and control over IAM users and roles, and allowing administrators to manage granular permissions across their entire cloud environment.


Cloudguard Dome9 Cloud Security Platform

Learn how CloudGuard Dome9 can assess, remediate and control every public cloud environment and discover its capabilities across: security operations; privileged identity protection, compliance and governance; and cloud security intelligence.


About activereach:

At activereach, we're experts in helping businesses manage and secure their cloud infrastructures and critical information assets, and we'd love to learn how we can support you. We’ve partnered with Check Point CloudGuard to deliver solutions that empower IT teams to secure and manage heterogeneous multi-cloud environments, whilst reducing their complexity.

activereach is a leading IT security systems integrator and certified CloudGuard Dome9 partner. The company has helped hundreds of businesses across the UK & Europe – ranging from FTSE 500 enterprises & financial institutions to retailers and SMEs and has dedicated engineering staff that can assist customers on a professional services basis for advanced public cloud deployments.

About Check Point:

From private cloud datacenters to public clouds and SaaS applications, CloudGuard provides comprehensive cloud security solutions to keep enterprise data, assets and apps free from even the most sophisticated attacks.As part of the Check Point CloudGuard portfolio, Dome 9 is leading the way in enabling adoption of public cloud services on multi cloud environments including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. They provide security for applications and data residing on virtual workloads, platform native services and cloud storage services.